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Credits/Work History

2023 - ongoing: Wētā Workshop

Stage Artist

  • Creating unique fantasy creatures live on stage at the Wētā Cave tour space.

2023 - TBA

Creature Artist

  • TBA


2022: Stone Street Studios


Set Dec Assistant

  • TBA

2020-2021: Wētā Workshop

Rings of Power

Workshop Technician - Hair Department

  • Hair knotting, gluing lace to silicone. 

2020: Wētā Workshop Unleashed

Creature Artist

  • Skeletal Articulation

  • Designing and Crafting Fantasy Creatures 

2019: Orpheus and Eurydice

Queensland Opera

Duties: Make Up artist

  • Assisting chorus in makeup pre-show

  • Makeup for chorus quick change

2018-19: Warsong LARP

Director: The Warsong LARP Brisbane

Duties: Makeup Artist

  • Live action roleplay - Multiple Events

  • Prosthetic Makeup for non-player characters

  • Sculpting, manufacturing, and applying prosthetics

2019: Copper-Pillar

Director: Hired Goons

Duties: Makeup Artist, Assistant Costume Artist

  • Makeup on main cast - brusing, tattoos, scars

  • Makeup on Extras

2019: My First Murder

Directors: Hired Goons

Duties: Head of Makeup

  • Basic makeup

  • Blood and gore fx

2018 The Witch's Mess

Directors: Hired Goons

Duties: Head of Makeup and Wardrobe

  • Costume design and creation for main cast

  • Sculpting, manufacturing and application of witch's nose and bodypaint

2018 Deserve Desire
Screen Queensland Short Film - Director: Jimi Bani
Duties: Hair and Makeup Artist

  • Makeup on main cast

2018 My Name is Mudju

(Screen Queensland Short Film)

Director: Chantelle Murray

Duties: Key Makeup Artist

  • Makeup on main cast and extras

  • Tattoo cover ups

2018: Point and Click

Director: Jamey Brown

Duties: Key Make Up artist

  • Applying encapsulated silicone prosthetics

  • Blood and gore


2018: Please do not Feed the Ducks
Directors: Hired Goons

Duties: Wardrobe

  • Creation of duck costume for main cast

2017: Sleepless

Director: Alex Balaskas

Duties: Head of Makeup Department

  • Sculpting and manufacturing prosthetics

  • Hair and makeup on lead actors

  • Assembling team

  • Design of Makeup Looks

  • Time Management / General team running

2017: Containment

Directors of the Extraordinary

Duties: Make Up artist

  • Applying encapsulated silicone prosthetics

  • Zombie makeup under time limit

2017: Fright Night

WB Movie World

Duties: Make Up artist

  • Character makeup (several characters)

  • Wounds, injuries and blood work

  • Working under time limit

2017: Music Video - Nick Tart Ft Luke Morney: Never looking back

Director: Angie Fleming

Duties: Hair and Makeup Artist

  • Hair and makeup of lead performer

2017: Short Film – Insatiable

Director: Chloe Le Roy

Duties: Assistant Makeup Artist

  • Makeup on lead actor

  • SFX makeup and touch-ups


2017: Short Film - Down the Pub

Director: Jake Doak

Duties: Assistant Hair and Makeup Artist

  • Out of kit SFX on lead actors

2017: Short Film – The Tree That Bore No Fruit

Director: Josh Winnington

Duties: Assistant Hair and Makeup Artist

  • Application of makeup (20+ background characters)

  • Assisted in fight scene makeup

2017: Freaks Unleashed Party, Candyshop Mansion

Host: Travers Beynon

Duties: Makeup Artist

  • Touch-ups on performers and guests

2016: Seven Deadly Sins Party, Candyshop Mansion

Host: Travers Beynon

Duties: Head SFX Artist

  • Gladiator and Mad Max Wounds (out of kit and prosthetic)

  • Costume on key performer

  • Prosthetic makeup on Assistant Director

2016: Short film – Sweet Tooth

Director: Sonja Howard

Duties: Head of Creative Department

  • Creature artist

  • Actress (dragon and café worker)

  • Writer

  • Props and Costumes

  • Editor

  • Director

2015: Exhibition, Novel and Short film – Jadella Lies

Director: Sonja Howard

Duties:  Head of Creative Department

  • Creature Artist (In film and exhibition)

  • Puppeteer

  • Writer

  • Props and Costumes

  • Director

  • Camera

  • Editor



2018       Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo

               2nd place Emerging Avant Garde


2018       IMATS Battle of the Brushes    

                Finalist Prosthetic London 

2018       Australian Body Art Festival

                2nd Place & People's Choice

2018       Monster Makeup Massacre                          1st Place Student/Amateur 

2017       IMATS Battle of the Brushes                        3rd Place Prosthetic Sydney

2017       Australian Institute of Creative                    Design Makeup artist of the year

2016       Innisfail Art Deco Film Festival                    2nd Place Best Production design            

2016       Australia Day Award 

              Youth Cultural Award

2015       Tully Show                                                    1st place: mixed medium     

              1st place: other

              1st place: 3D/sculpture

2014        C.R.A.C.A  Fairytail Competition 

              1st place Grade 10/11/12

               Best overall   



Honestly not sure why I'm still listing these...

2015       Tully State High School Year 12

                OP 2

                Academic Merit Award

                Science 21 Subject Award

                English Subject award

                N&J Vallainos Literary Award

2015       Lions Youth of the Year Finalist

                Public Speaking Award (Club)

                Club winner

                Zone finalist

Work Experience 

2018: Millennium FX Work Experience

Millennium FX 

Duties: Varied 

  • Mouldshop (working with fiberglas, plaster, silicone)

  • Prep for lifecasting


2017: Wētā Workshop Experience 

Wētā Workshop

Duties: Varied

  • Paint, prosthetic, metalwork, and prop department. 

  • Worked on a variety of projects​

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