About the Artist


Sonja Howard 

I was raised in the wild Australian rainforest, where my imagination was set alight by the weird and wonderful creatures I grew up with. This fascination has stayed with me, inspiring me to create creatures of all shapes and sizes in the form of poseable sculptures which I have been selling since high school.

I graduated from the Australian Institute of Creative design in August 2017 as student of the year. They were kind enough to support me to compete internationally in makeup competitions, kickstarting my career and bringing me some truly incredible opportunities. I worked in the Australian Industry on a variety of projects including Screen Queensland short films and an Opera Queensland Performance, until I moved to New Zealand.


I now work as a freelance artist making monsters, and as a contractor at Weta Workshop. 


Outside of making monsters, my interests include Doctor Who, reading, and caring for animals. In Australia, I was a wildlife carer and had many animals. Unfortunately, NZ wasn't too keen on me bringing my snake or my colony of flesh eating beetles into the country... but my two dogs love it here! 

20201007_145407 (1).jpg

Alfie and Boo

These two are the light of my life! Alfie is a Labradoodle, and Boo is a Multi Boodle (maltese x border collie X poodle). Alfie is an extrovert. Boo is an introvert. Alfie likes toys. Boo prefers food. Alfie is a toddler. Boo is a grumbly middle-aged man.  

And yet, they are the best of friends in the whole wide world! Together they get up to all sorts of shenanigans from stealing our socks to breaking into the neighbours house to steal their socks!

And the general consensus is that if Boo wrote poetry, he wouldn't show anyone. He also hates hiccups. 

They moved over from Australia with us in 2020. They thought lockdown was great, and honestly, I'm not sure how we would have made it through without them. Still, we can't wait until their (our) friends can come over and visit them. 

Some of you may be familiar with The Wisdom of Alfie. It's a little bonus I do for Patreon where I post cute and/or silly photos of Alfie with a wise or funny caption. Boo occasionally makes an appearance too, though he is usually far too sophisticated for such tomfoolery. 


If you'd like to check them out, subscribe to my patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/sonsational