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Artist and Author

Aspie and Synesthete

I'm Sonja Howard, 19 year old human from the Bane of Bris, Australia. Since I was a wee little child, I have been OBSESSED with creating creatures - drawing, sculpting, writing, sewing.


I specialise in Poseable Creations and Prosthetic SFX makeup. I have been honing my skills in the former since 2014 and began studying the latter in 2016. I am tenacious, determined, passionate, enthusiastic and... well, a little bit strange. When my mind is set on a project, it gets done no matter what insane curve-balls come my way. 

I have two interesting traits that impact my artistic style - synesthesia and Aspergers. The former basically means that my brain is wired in such a way that I perceive sound and language as colours. Aspergers influences my perception of the world also, and causes me to become easily obsessed with projects.  I am passionate about science and the environment also, and draw inspiration from anatomy and evolution wherever possible.