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About the Artist

Sonja Howard - 25 - Queer, Autistic Creature Artist

Sonja grew up in the Australian rainforest where her imagination was set alight by the weird and wonderful creatures around her. As an autistic child, she was intensely passionate about her interests and relentless in her curiosity. This lead to many adventures - and a few misadventures.


Thankfully, she was encouraged by local artists and her family to follow this curiosity. Soon enough, she was creating her own weird and wonderful creatures. 

Sonja began selling her artwork at age eight at the local markets, and had her work first exhibited in local galleries during high school. Before long, she had opened an online store. Her creatures have landed all over the world, and are featured in places like Wētā Workshop Unleashed. 

In 2020, Sonja moved to New Zealand. As well as creating her own artwork, she is an artist in the NZ film industry working on various productions. Her debut solo exhibition, Impossible Things, launched in January 2022. She is currently working as a stage artist at Wētā Workshop.

Sonja is passionate about the environment, and queer and disability advocacy. Through her work, she hopes to promote a more sustainable and equitable society. Her exhibitions prioritise physical and sensory accessibility.


As well as being autistic, Sonja has synesthesia (a condition where her brain interprets sounds, letters, and numbers as colours.) These differences have helped her throughout her life, allowing her to look at the world in different ways, and driving her passion for creativity and equality. 

What's this I hear about a novel?!

(Hopefully) coming soon... a queer upper YA fantasy about a young soulgrafter's fight to save mythical wildlife from poachers. 

Sonja is represented by literary agent Elana Roth Parker of the Laura Dail Literary Agency. 


Details and announcements to follow...

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